The Real Game Series
Make It Real

Now available on CD-Rom

In the Make it Real game students learn by experience, mostly in small groups, in a simulated community. They assume life/work roles and work together in their roles functioning as working people in their community. The learning is designed to be fun!

Students start by creating and naming their town and local neighbourhoods. They locate key public buildings, choose and plan housing and identify transport options. Students then form and name a small company, hire staff, secure offices and finally they carry out an assignment as a business team.

During the process students learn personal and interpersonal skills and:

  • begin to understand the services and occupations that make up a town;
  • start to understand terms such as community, business, career and occupation;
  • learn the importance of education and qualifications in getting jobs; and gain an understanding that there are different learning pathways.

The Make it Real Game supports outcomes of the KS2/ KS3 National Careers Education Framework 7 - 19 and provides an excellent introduction to: good citizenship, budgeting, town planning, career planning and project presentation.

Products available

  • The Make it Real CD (£95 +VAT)
  • Student Folders, 10 pack (£15 +VAT)
  • Town Map, 3 piece (£35 +VAT)
  • Make it Real Flow Chart (pdf)