The Real Game Series
The Real Game

For Years 8 & 9

The Real Game delivers PSHEE and the National Careers Education Framework 7 - 19 learning outcomes which contribute to students learning portfolios. It can be used for subject areas, enrichment programmes and also cross curricular where timetable allocation is limited. The game supports the transition from KS3 to KS4.

The game is designed to:

  • Promote effective learning in the areas of careers and PSHEE;
  • Provide opportunities for links to other curriculum areas;
  • Provide links between the school and the wider community; and
  • Illustrate the importance of adaptability and introduce the concept of transferable skills.

The Real Game is available in two formats:

Online delivered in an IT suite with teachers accessing in-class presentational material and students accessing interactive worksheets; or

Hard Copy delivered in a traditional classroom using a PC and projector and students using handouts. 

Students enjoy the benefits of the digitised version but played in a traditional classroom setting. This Key Stage 3 teaching resource has everything you need to get started with detailed, adaptable lesson plans, photocopiable worksheets and a CD of in-class presentations, including 4 team games.

Students can access interactive worksheets via an individual PC in school or at home. Alternatively teachers can purchase handouts for students to use individually. 

In the Real Game, students role-play as single adults in occupational roles. They see how schoolwork relates to occupational choices and therefore to lifestyle and income. Within their job-role, students have the opportunity to explore adult realities, such as budgeting (taxes, mortgage or rent, other bills and transport), work life balance, different work and family roles and career making decisions.

The job profiles included in the game reflect a broad range of employment opportunities and demonstrate that not all jobs are created equally and in the real world some people are stuck in jobs they do not like. Students learn that if they plan ahead and make the most of their school years they may avoid this eventuality. By the end of the Real Game, students realise that satisfaction in work is a priority issue in life and that it is an outcome that they can achieve by making the choices that are right for them.

Products available:

  • The Real Game online licence (£195 for 1 year or £445 for 3 years +VAT)
  • The Real Game Printed Version (£250 per copy) 
  • Student Worksheet Pad of colourful printed handouts (£20.00 per pack of 10, 1 pad per student)
  • Job Roles Pad of all 58 job roles (£20 per pad, 1 pad required per class)
  • Student folder; a colourful way of keeping a student's work together (pack of 10, £15 +VAT)
  • Extra user CD for teachers, both printed and online versions (£4.50 each +VAT)  
Products to download: